PR Concepts

The concept of advertising and of PR is an idea that characterizes your company as a whole and its products and services. On the basis of this idea developed approaches to the future of advertising and PR campaigns. Adopted by the company PR concept and advertising concept (including the concept of social media advertising) the image of the organization is formed in the eyes of the consumer, bringing together into a coherent whole elements of a successful brand.
The main question that the concept of responsible advertising and PR is the question: How to make the most positive impression on the consumer? This issue causes the preliminary stages of the project, the outcome of which will be a modern concept of PR and advertising:
1. Identification of the target audience of the organization, its products and services. This step is essential for effective media planning based on the concept developed. Knowing your customer allows companies to develop the concept into account the individual characteristics of the target audience, which ultimately leads to an overall increase consumer loyalty to the brand.
2. Analysis of the competitive environment. In the course of this analysis it is determined by the degree of activity of competitors on specific markets, as well as assessment of the most successful advertising and PR actions of competitors, the most significant impact on the distribution of market shares between the companies. Based on this benchmark are taken into account and used the most successful and proven advertising and PR moves in the development of advertising and PR concepts.
3. Defining the positioning of the brand, including elements such as the name, slogan, corporate identity, brand legend. From the correctly chosen position, developed from a study of the target audience preferences, it depends on the overall success of all future marketing steps, including the development of advertising and PR concepts.
As a result of these stages of development of the concept of PR and advertising becomes transparent and easy to implement, because it does not remain “white” spots in the minds of experts, developers and the company’s management, which is the main customer of the project. These factors determine the successful implementation of the project on the development of advertising and PR concepts and, consequently, the efficiency of future advertising campaigns based on this concept.
It often happens that the experts of the company have already some ideas of advertising and PR concepts that can serve as a basis for the final concept in the professional analysis of all the factors described above. The main difficulty of such projects is that the unconfirmed results of research ideas can have a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of the development of the concept of advertising and PR. When implementing projects based on ideas formulated by representatives of the client company, the employees of our company are adjusting strategic sessions with the aim of establishing a common understanding of the need to implement the preliminary stages of concept development and establishing professional relationships of trust between all involved participants in the project.


Our agency provides creation of advertising and PR concepts for companies of various profiles of activity. Development of the concept of advertising and PR carried out within the integrated projects based on reliable data obtained in the course of preliminary investigations of market conditions, including parameters such as the target audience and the degree of activity of competitors.

Cost of services:

A unique project for the development of advertising and PR concept defined by the difference in scope of the company, the scale of the target audience coverage and other parameters. This factor necessitates the individual calculation of the cost of implementing the project. For information on your project, you can send us your request using the e-mail in the contact area of our website.

Additional Information:

Successful development depends on careful planning of marketing activities and maintain a positive image of the company in the eyes of consumers. The process of developing and strengthening the company’s brand is impossible without marketing communications, and, consequently, without the development phase of advertising and PR concepts.