Feasibility Studies

The implementation of most new projects requires the evaluation of their profitability and payback period. Execute it correctly and quickly helps the professionals.
Our marketing agency has been compiling these calculations since 2007. You can order here a feasibility study for an investment in a new business, as well as the modernization or expansion of existing production. Depending on the customer’s request, provide to or as part of a business plan, or issued as a separate document.

  • 1. Summary (description of the idea, design features and principles of its implementation).

  • 2. Settlement date.

  • 3. The marketing of the feasibility study (strategy, business model, product promotion and advertising campaign, pricing principles, range of products, analysis of strengths and weaknesses).

  • 4. The organizational plan (location and stages of the project, personnel structure and staffing, information support, taxation, legal support).

  • 5. Production characteristics (basic parameters, technology, a description of the equipment, estimates the direct costs and fixed assets).

  • 6. Financial section of a feasibility study:

    • sources of investment and analysis of their effectiveness;
    • calculation of the total cost, tax payments on loan servicing costs, working capital dynamics, results of operations;
    • a report on the movement of finance;
    • cost structure;
    • breakeven performance;
    • assessment of the feasibility of the project as a whole.

  • 7. Risks (a list of ways to minimize, the main indicators).

    Thus, regardless of the cost of drawing up a feasibility study, its use is always more than the costs incurred. These calculations allow to demonstrate the return on future business or a new line of production and the impact of various factors on it. On this basis, we help investors and business owners to make informed decisions about the start of the project or reject it, choosing the most effective options presented, the amount of investment, and so on.
    This document is included in the number of required external financing, for example, when applying for bank loans.

How to buy a feasibility study?

For detailed calculations and analysis of financial indicators, development of the most profitable product solutions and effective organizational methods of their implementation, please contact our specialists.
You can get:
• formal feasibility study of the project to provide management, shareholders, business partners and investors;
• objective information about the current state of affairs in the right segment of the market and its prospects;
• expert conclusions on the launch of new lines, modernization of equipment, construction and reconstruction of the building, and so on.
To find out the price of drawing up a feasibility study of a specific project and buy the appropriate service, contact our agency. You can send your request through a special online form or by the e-mail specified in the contact area of our website.