Marketing Research

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Simon Northampton
Managing Director, New York Office

Marketing research

Our company provides comprehensive services in marketing research in different industries. In the analysis of the markets we work only with professionals.
You can book a marketing study, which will provide comprehensive information on the state of the industry dynamics and prospects of its development. Based on these data, you can build a fairly accurate prediction of market trends to help organize work efficiently and stay ahead of the nearest competitor.
Entrust the implementation of integrated marketing analysis to a specialist company because is much more profitable than to engage in the solution of this problem on your own. The fact is that in-depth study of any industry requires a large amount of time and financial resources, as well as professional skills.

What information may be included in an order of a market research?

• Relevance of the project.

• Assessment of the capacity and scope of the industry.

• Analysis of the consumer environment.

• Determination of market conditions.

• Narrative description of the major players in the market.

• A study of production processes.

• The dynamics of imports and exports.

• Analysis of consumer and producer prices.

• Segmentation of production across regions.

• Description of the most important environmental factors.

• Forecasting the development of the industry.

• General conclusions and recommendations of the experts.


Can you order the analysis of territorial markets?

Our agency’s market research specialists carry out analysis of the industry, not only for domestic enterprises, but also for foreign business partners. Different customers require data on different regional markets. Our agency takes into account this aspect and offers to buy the work in full compliance with customer requirements. As a result of market research we can cover the whole country, a region or a specific city.

What is the total cost of an analysis of the market?

Price of the service is calculated separately for each individual case. Uniform tariffs do not exist, because many different factors affect the complexity and the time consumed for the job. The most important of them are the volume of information, the specifics of the industry and personal customer requirements.
To find the exact analysis of the market price the customer must first answer a list of key management issues and express their wishes. After all the conditions of cooperation agreement are met and the contract is signed, containing the rights and obligations of the parties, we will start the process immediately.
If the customer wants to save money on the service, it can buy already prepared marketing research packages. They cost a little bit cheaper, but do not take into account the personal needs of the customer. In any case, submitted electronically report is relevant and useful for the normal functioning of the enterprise.

Marketing research under the customer’s benefits

Taking advantage of the professional services of our company, the customer receives the following benefits:
• to promptly adjust the company to the market realities;
• detailed information on the competing firms, which allows to take into account their errors and to take a leading position in the industry;
• saving money, time and resources;
• to minimize business risks;
• professional advice and assistance of experienced marketers.
Buying an already completed market research can clarify the cost and commission of a new work. In the online form that you must fill if you would like to order a research, is desirable to specify the maximum amount of information.